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- Patches & Upgrades -
  • Windows 3.1 to 95 upgrade for Buried in Time: Download 3MB ZIP file
  • New version of Buried in Time for Windows XP/Vista/7 from GOG

  • IDE CD-ROM ejection fix for PowerPC Macs: Download 64KB SIT file

  • If you are experiencing problems with your copy of Buried in Time, please check our online Troubleshooting Guide.
    - Hints and Walkthrough -

    Here's a link to another Walkthrough by Games Domain, mirrored at the Internet Archive.


    BHBlackwood Home2
    FLFarnstein Lab1
    CIChichen Itza3
    CGChateau Gaillard3
    DVSDa Vinci Studios3
    MSMissile Silo2
    KHKrynn Habitat2


    Time Zone Interdependencies

    Start -----> BH ------> FL #1
       Cheese        Water
    BH ------> FL #2 -----> CI (Rain) ---------------->+
        Girl                                           |
        Copper       Hammer      Rope                  |
    CI ---------> CG ------> DVS ----> CI (Wealth) --->+
       Medallion   |          |                        |
                   |          |                        |
                   |          | Preserved              |
                   |          +----------------------->+
                   |              Heart                |
                   |                                   |
                   | Arrow                             |
                   +------> CI (War) ----------------->+
    +---> CI (Dead) ---> BH ---> MS ---> KH ---> Endgame

    Blackwood Home (BH)

    See shelf figure to enable Jump Menu

    Activate ALL-SAT on the Environ unit and watch commercials on the Interactive News Network to get codes for Cheese Girl (625-94-978), Samco's Translator biochip (689-22-378), and Geno Andrews' Sample Single EC (538-48-257, optional)

    Use kitchen replicator unit to get Cheese Girl, Translator biochip

    Farnstein Lab (FL)

    Requires Cheese Girl from BH

    Put Cheese Girl on right-hand side of space station
    From Hydroponics hatch, LDFFFFF to Capacitance Array hatch (open)
    Get Metal Bar if desired
    Engineering Hatch
    Zoom in on Atmosphere Controls panel
    Pressurize Capacitance Array location (blue circle at upper right)
    Zoom out
    Open Docking Bay hatch
    RAX ION at far left
    Center tiremark
    Yellow/black floor rectangle
    Open Scanner Room hatch
    F through hatch
    At Arthur's prompt, F to move into room
    Say Yes to intrusive scan
    Say Yes to Biochip download
    Zoom in on manual override panel
    Enter code: 32770
    Click on handle
    Click on green hatch
    Nexus puzzle (exchange red & green lights):

    Solution: 3,5,6,4,2,1,3,5,7,6,4,2,3,5,4
    (similar to the Leap of the Locust puzzle in Jewels of the Oracle)

    Second Visit (replenish Cheese Girl from BH):

    From Hydroponics hatch, RDF into Atmosphere Mining lift
    Open Atmosphere Mining hatch (audio override code)
    Get Explosive Charge
    Click green (ENABLED) light
    RRD & open hatch
    Press up button on lift
    Zoom in
    Click left text: RUN MINING CYCLE
    Zoom in
    Click right text: RUN O2 EXTRACTION
    Zoom out
    Press up button on lift
    Press green (ENABLED) button
    RRD & open hatch
    Zoom in
    Click on leftmost orange circle (Biomass Processing)
    Click orange circle to Pressurize
    Zoom out
    Open Biomass Processing hatch
    Zoom in
    Set frequency on black dial to 11 kHz
    Press green bar for POSITIVE REPONSE
    Zoom out
    Click green sphere
    Mission complete
    LFDF, open hatch
    LF, open Atmosphere Mining hatch
    Get empty water canister
    Click green (ENABLED) button
    RRD, open hatch
    Press down button on lift
    Zoom in
    Attach water canister to blue spigot
    Turn circular yellow valve
    Remove water canister
    Zoom out

    Chichen Itza (CI) Part 1

    Requires Translator Biochip from BH

    Set Calendar to 3 Tree (God of Fire) -- up arrow once on smaller circle
    Put Ceramic Bowl on Choc Nool statue
    Copper Medallion is from second skeleton in cavern
    Jump to Chateau Gaillard

    Chateau Gaillard (CG)

    Requires Copper Medallion from CI

    Get Bloody Arrow from dead guard
    Exit tower one floor down (LU at first stop)
    Get Grappling Hook from garderobe to the right of tower
    Return to straight battlement, proceed to end
    Turn left, wait for explosion, then go down
    Go right to smithy, get Hammer next to doorway
    Turn Copper Medallion into Copper Key (mold under brick, move large handle by hood to increase heat)
    Get evidence at moat
    Go through moat
    Use Grappling Hook on central tower window
    Press hatch release at right-hand side of tapestry in King's bedroom
    If desired, visit King's study for Burned Letter in fireplace & Roger de Lascz's journal next to throne
    Go to cellar
    Go to storage chest on left
    Use Copper Key on chest
    In cellar, RRRFRD & use Evidence chip
    Get evidence [Richard I's sword]
    Mission complete
    URFDR & get Gold Coins

    Da Vinci Studios (DVS)

    Requires Hammer from CG

    Get evidence on left-hand studio floor
    Get Balcony Key from door
    Go out on balcony to get more evidence
    Elevator operation:

    • Left down to unlock
    • Right up
    • Look down & turn wheel
    Get coil of rope
    Get Drive Assembly
    Put into dark platform:
    • Wheel Assembly
    • Drive Assembly
    • Wooden Pegs (find spot where icon changes)
    • Use Hammer
    Pick up Siege cycle
    Using cross-shaped knob underneath, turn crossbow to face tower
    Aim crossbow at central tower window, fire using center vertical lever
    Put Seige Cycle on ropes
    Open tower door with Balcony Key
    Locate Lens Filter with Evidence chip
    Get Lens Filter
    Use Lens Filter on Codex Atlanticus
    Mission complete
    Get Preserved Heart from cabinet on left


                                     locked door
              Table Saw                   |
                  o  Drive                o------------o
                  |  Assembly             |            |
                  |                       |            |
                  o-----o               do|or          |
                        |                 |            |
                        |                 |            | Coil of Rope
                        o-----------------o easels     o---------------o locked door
                        |                 |            |
                        |                 |            |
    Diagram o-----o-----o               do|or          |
            |           |                 |            |
            |           |                 |            |
      o-----o           o                 o------------o
      |     |           |                 |
      |     |           |                 |
      |     o   Diagram o Wooden Pegs     o
      |  Ladder  Wood platform (dark)  Bottom of
      |             Wheel Assembly     Elevator
             o-----o               AAA
             |     |                |
    Crossbow |     |                |
             |     o          o-----o
             o    / \ cannon /      |
                 |    ---o--        |
                 |       | bolo     o push board
                 |       |          |
                 o gun   |          |
                         |          |

    Chichen Itza (CI) Part 2

    Set Calendar to 3 Tree (God of Fire) -- up arrow once on smaller circle
    Put Ceramic Bowl on Choc Nool statue

    God of War:
    Get Bloody Arrow from CG
    Get Skull from Cavern from base of cavern entrance
    Enter God of War cave using Bloody Arrow
    Get Skull from Entry from floor
    Put Skull from Entry into right-hand serpent to stop first spear set
    Click on left-hand serpent head in cave entry
    Wait for Navigation arrows to blink
    Now have entered Spear Room with one skull in inventory
    Move forward to next set of serpents (midpoint)
    Put Skull from Cavern into left-hand serpent to stop second spear set
    Move forward and get Skull from Spear Room on left (above skeleton)
    Return to midpoint
    Remove Skull from Cavern from left-hand serpent (spears restart)
    Put Skull from Cavern into right-hand serpent to open door back to entry
    Return to entry and put Skull from Spear Room into left-hand serpent to open back door
    Return to midpoint
    Move skull from right-hand to left-hand serpent to stop second set of spears
    Note: all doors now accessible
    Get Obsidian Block

    God of Rain:
    Get Water Canister (full) from FL (offering)
    Cross bridge and come back to activate swinging
    Timing: hit KP5 (F) at center of swing
    Get Limestone Block
    Jump to CI to avoid recrossing swinging bridge

    God of Wealth:
    Get Gold Coins from CG (offering)
    Get Coil of Rope from DVS
    Lower entrance can be seen from gold room platform; use rope on right-hand serpent
    Get Jade Block

    The Dead Land:
    Get Preserved Heart from DVS
    Get evidence at entrance

    • Limestone Block
    • Jade Block
    • Obsidian Block
    Use Evidence chip on pool of blood in altar
    Put Preserved Heart into pool of blood
    Click on Mayan puzzle box
    Using Translate biochip, solve Mayan puzzle box (The Breath of Itzamna)
    Mission complete
    Get Environ Cartridge
    Recall to BH
    Put Environ Cartridge into Environ unit and watch it (10 minutes)

    Cavern Map:

                   The Dead Land
    God of Wealth  o-----+
      God of Rain  o-----+-----o  God of War

    Missile Silo (MS)

    Plasma Tools
         o INN viewport    o Generator Core
         |                 |
         |                 | Generator
         o--------o--------o Burned-Out Core
             Matter \      |
        Transmitter   -----o suit-holder
    Michelle's password: GRAVBALL
    Replace Burned-Out Core with (fresh) Generator Core
    From Plasma Tools, Transport Code is 6572-5519-0235 (diplomatic orbital link)
    From INN: Symbiotry Technology Discussions | Translator commercial | Ambassador Icarus story | S.P.B. story | Ministry story | Appeal for Dismantling | Krynn, Alien Prefix is 272
    Use these two codes in matter transmitter

    Krynn Habitat (KH)

    Requires Explosive Charge from FL


    PROGRAM <==X===o---------o---------o Artifact storage
    HANGS        T |
                 W |
                 I |
                 S |
                 T |       trap
     inorganic o------------o----------o inorganic
    Entering tunnel to artifact storage room:
    At Junction,
    • Look right
    • Cloak
    • Wait for aliens to pass
    • Deactivate cloak
    • Press pad at bottom of tunnel
    • Press pad at bottom of tunnel

    Artifact Storage:

                       Interactive Sculpture
    Codex Atlanticus                           Richard I's sword
    Mayan Puzzle Box                           Cheese Girl (NA)
                         Environ Cartridge

    Use Explosive Charge to release Richard I's sword
    Use Richard I's sword to release and obtain other items (except Cheese Girl)

    Returning to transporter room:

    • Prepare Richard I's sword
    • Return to Junction
    • Use Richard I's sword on footpad
    • Turn left
    • Prepare Burned-Out Core
    • Return to trap node
    • Wait for Icarus to put you in transporter
    • Put Burned-Out Core anywhere on viewport (force field)
    • F
    • Press pink button to right of Icarus
    • RF to central transporter booth
    • RR
    • Press button on left
    Congratulations screens
    Shortest-Route Score: 13600/15000 (less research)

    Inventory List

    • Balcony Key
    • Biochip - Arthur (AI)
    • Biochip - Blank (becomes Arthur)
    • Biochip - Cloak
    • Biochip - Evidence
    • Biochip - Files
    • Biochip - Interface
    • Biochip - Jump
    • Biochip - Translate
    • Bloody Arrow
    • Burned Letter *
    • Burned-Out Core
    • Ceramic Bowl
    • Cheese Girl
    • Codex Atlanticus
    • Coil of Rope
    • Copper Key
    • Copper Medallion
    • Drive Assembly
    • Environ Cartridge
    • Explosive Charge
    • Generator Core
    • Geno Andrews Single *
    • Gold Coins
    • Grappling Hook
    • Hammer
    • Interactive Sculpture
    • Jade Block
    • Lens Filter
    • Limestone Block
    • Mayan Puzzle Box
    • Metal Bar *
    • Obsidian Block
    • Preserved Heart
    • Remote Control *
    • Richard I's sword
    • Skull from Entry
    • Skull from Cavern
    • Skull from Spear Room
    • Water Canister (full)
    • Wheel Assembly
    • Wooden Pegs
    * optional item


    Critical Evidence 4/4 x 10004000
    Supporting Evidence 7/7 x 5003500
    Puzzles Solved 20/20 x 2004000
    Research Bonus 15/15 x 1001500
    Completion Bonus2000
    Hints 0 @ -50 ea.--

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