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Presto Studios was founded in 1991 by a close-knit team of young developers who were raised in the new age of science fiction, computers, and video games. Each member brought experience from a different media field. It is only natural, then, that this group of friends came together to focus their creativity on a projects that combined their abilities with their personal interests. Together, their knowledge of design, music, writing, graphics, animation, programming, and video formed a highly productive enterprise that created numerous award winning games for the Macintosh, PC, Xbox, and Playstation consoles.

After nearly 12 years of pioneering work, the digital magicians at Presto have moved on to explore new opportunities. We hope that you have enjoyed playing our games ... we sure had fun creating them!

History of Presto:
  • Origins (1991-97)
  • Masters of the Game (1999)
  • Reunion and Exhibit (2009)
  • Beyond the Journeyman Project (2009)

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