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Access codes for The Journeyman Project

From the Temporal Protectorate Handbook:
  • TSA Entry Code: 6894895
  • Monitor Access Code: 0524133
  • Reconfiguration Code: 0291384

More help for The Journeyman Project

See The Journeyman Project Online Manual or Walkthrough Guide

Updates/fixes for The Journeyman Project Turbo

For all Windows 3.1 versions from Sanctuary Woods (English, French, German, etc.), not needed for the Windows 95/98 edition from Red Orb:

If you are experiencing problems with your copy of The Journeyman Project, please check our online Troubleshooting Guide.

For newer computers on Windows XP and later, or Mac OS X 10.4 and later, we recommend upgrading to Pegasus Prime.

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